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About Romy Pritchard


Ms. Romy Pritchard is a Metis woman whose family is from the Metis Red River Settlement.  Romy is a mother, wife, artist, works with medicinal plants, ecological restoration, permaculture, food security, loves to cook and help build healthy communities.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Human and Social Development and a Bachelor of Fine Arts.  She is certified, registered and licenced Health and Life Coach.  She is a member of International Coaching Federation and A Health Coach Alliance Member. She also has training in Ecological Restoration, Permaculture, Medicinal Plants, Art Therapy, Meditation and Psychotherapy, Addictions and Mental Health, Cancer Prevention, Dementia Prevention, Shamanism, Reiki First Degree and Meditation.


Ms. Prichard is the recipient of the Government of British Columbia, Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation, Deputy Minister's Award for Partnership in her work on the, Stopping Violence against Aboriginal Women & Girls National Forum - November 2011.


Ms. Pritchard as a counsellor, prevention advisor, and project manager - she has worked with:
  • children
  • youth
  • parents
  • adults
  • community groups
  • non-profit organization
  • schools
  • Indigenous governments
  • non-Indigenous governments.


Ms. Romy Pritchard growing up experienced Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE's).  As an adult she struggled with PTSD, depression, alcohol use, obesity, and suicide idealization.  In 2017 Romy was diagnosed with a later stage breast cancer. In 2018 she aspirated after a suicide attempt. During the medical intubation she was infected with a hospital antibiotic resistant bacterium (MRSA) that quickly infected her lungs and then blood (sepsis). Against all odds she woke up from a two-week coma and has continued to heal remarkably.

In 2019 doctors discovered a large mass in her right lung and for the most part assumed it was metastatic breast cancer. The mass was 11.5 cm and demonstrated high FDG uptake. After this discovery she radically changed her diet to whole food plant based. She also began daily intermitted fasting (16 hrs.), monthly 36 hr. fasting, a meditation practice and other holistic changes. A December 2020 PET/CT scan reveals that the mass shrunk and was only 1.5 cm.  
In June 2022 the mass has completely resolved. There remains scar tissue in both lungs from the MRSA infection and radiation treatment she received for breast cancer.

It’s amazing how much healing our bodies can do naturally with holistic, supportive interventions! If we believe that we are the diagnosis our doctors tell us—we limit ourselves to that experience. Knowing that our bodies are capable of incredible healing from seemingly insurmountable odds is powerful medicine. What limiting belief do you want to release about your body?


Ms. Pritchard's style of coaching is innovative and adaptive.  She incorporates experiential learning by inviting different, small, simple and consistent changes.  Romy incorporates different learning modalities such as breath work, Emotional Freedom Technique, Emotional Brain Training, art work, and guided meditation. These techniques are useful in getting unstuck, building resources, creating new neural pathways and focus, releasing stagnant energy and freeing up energy for who you want to be and what you want to be experiencing.

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