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Do you have heart disease, type 2 diabetes,  or cancer? I was diagnosed almost 4 years ago with a later stage aggressive breast cancer at age 46. After my doctor told me my diagnosis I wondered, “How did this happen?” “What can I do to beat this disease?” If you are asking these same questions you are in the right place.
My diagnosis was my wake-up call to have the healthy and vibrant life I have now.

My healing journey included hours of research, schooling, certification, and connecting with many doctors, alternative medicine practitioners, psychologist and psychiatrists, and allied health professionals.

Now I am in charge of my medical journey, my weight, energy,
thoughts, emotions, relationships and my purpose in life.

You can take charge of your health too.

I went back to school and became a certified and licenced Health and Life Coach over and above my counselling degree. I offer you everything I have learned and tested.
It's my passion to help you beat all the odds,
be the healthiest you can be and living your best life!

I provide individualized programs that will help you regenerate your health
one small step at a time.
My programs make long-term habit change easy.

You’ll discover the best changes for you that will make a GIGANTIC impact on
feeling great,
having more energy,
AND that are secrets to longevity, disease reversal, and remission.

You’ll have key strategies that will kickstart and enhance your body’s natural capacity to heal.
I provide you with the right balance of support and accountability so you can
regenerate your health
and live your best life.


A 90 day program that will build on your Healthy Life Asset© score and increase your healthy eating habits, stress busting habits, and joyfully moving your body. We will also focus on eating fats that promote heart (and brain) health.  We will feature eating clean foods in our cooking and dining out. This programs will deepen your selfcare, positive interactions with others and better relationships.

A 90 day program that will build on your Healthy Life Asset© score and expand on understanding your relationship to glucose. This program focuses in on healthy eating habits including eating more nutrient dense foods, eating more clean foods, customizing meal times and letting your body move in enjoyable ways to recalibrate your system. We will also deepen your selfcare through stress busting habits, restful sleep habits, and expanding positive relationships.
A 90 day program integrates the most researched and powerful best practices for enhancing cancer remission. In this program you will redesign your relationship to your medical team, build on healthy eating habits and eating nutrient dense foods. We will also increase your mental, emotional and spiritual remission focus while enhancing impactful selfcare strategies. This program also creates increased supportive relationships and participation in communities of inspiration.
This is a brain health 90 day program. This program provides you with the knowledge, support and accountability for enhancing your key factors of brain health.  The key factors for ultimate brain functioning include nutrition, excersize, relaxation, sleep habits, and engaging life activities. Research demonstrates these factors are potent for reducing your risks for developing dementia.
A powerful 90 day weight loss program where most people loose 10 pounds within the first four weeks. Our main focus will be on eliminating simple sugars. We will establish an accountability journal and track your measurements weekly. Other areas of focus will be on cognative training regarding self talk, envisioning positive life vision, body image, and uncovering self sabotage; getting moving doing the things you love; hydration; stress reduction training; restorative sleep training; meal timing and learning to listen to our body's hunger and fullness signals.

A 90 day program focused on creating the best body, mindset, and energy flow to create the life you want. We focus on key strategies that will give you the biggest impact on getting the clarity, energy, and focus on transforming yourself and fulfilling your deepest desires.
Don’t let one more minute go by!
Call 778-654-1307 or email info@yourregenisis.com and connect with me now and
book your free 60 minute consultation and learn your Healthy Life Asset©  score.

Take this powerful action step in feeling your best.

Join millions of people just like you who are
listening to what their body is telling them and
taking steps to restoring their health and living the life they want.

Here's what my clients are saying about my programs:

"I have gained confidence in being in charge of my medical team and learning the best approaches for my cancer treatment protocol. I have learned to slow down and make better food choices. I have even lost 6 of the 10 pounds I wanted to in just a few weeks! I now know how to calm my nervous system by breathing. This helps me to de-stress and have a calm mindset. I am learning to be in the moment and have patience. I am grateful for the support and accountability to stay on track and maintain my focus for health and wellbeing." - Laura
Through the, My Sweet Life Program, "I have been able to increase my energy. I have also gained more understanding in my interpersonal relationships. This has led to increased feelings of calm and peace in my home life. I also am successful in calming myself when I experience stress. I have found insight for dealing with medication side effects as well as understanding what foods give me the greatest amount of energy and when to eat them for maximum benefit during my day. Thank you so much, Romy! It has truly been a pleasure working with you!" - Maria
"One of the most beneficial aspects of working with Romy is that she knows how to wrangle me back into focus (Bc I NEED it!). She does this with her kind, gentle spirit and she manages to do that in a super supportive, nonjudgmental way that feels good for me. I feel supported even when I fail to complete my "homework". I'm getting herded without even knowing I am being herded." - Jai

Doctors typically do not have time nor do they receive
compensation for preventative health services.
Gordon, Neil F et al. “Clinical Effectiveness of Lifestyle Health Coaching: Case Study of an Evidence-Based Program.” American journal of lifestyle medicine vol. 11,2 153-166. 7 Jul. 2016, doi:10.1177/1559827615592351

Research on clinical outcomes of patients who work with health coaches demonstrate that patients

Obtain better clinical results (lower blood pressure, cholestrol and body weight),
Have better quality of life (physiological, psychological, and social),
Reduce medical and insurance costs,
Reduce hospital admissions,
Health improvements presist 1 year after health coaching interventions.
Kivelä, Kirsa et al. "The effects of health coaching on adult patients with chronic diseases: A systematic review, Patient Education and Counseling," vol 97, 2, p. 147-157, 2014, ISSN 0738-3991, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.pec.2014.07.026. (http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0738399114003000)

How much is ill health costing you?
Time lost...
No energy...
Living in fear and anxiety...

Connect with me now and start living your best life.

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