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Reset Cleanse Program

Personalized Reset Cleanse Program
A comprehensive, supportive and easy to follow total body detox program. This program will guide you through three weeks of nutritional and health coaching with the goal of one-week clean, simple eating and detoxing period, followed by a one week re-introduction phase. The week of clean and simple eating allows your body a break from known allergens. The program provides tips to support the body in cleaning out toxins. This programs also allows you a system and support to re-examine your goals around healthy eating and self care habits.

The first week will focus on preparation and your "why" for resetting your eating patterns. You will be guided through steps for setting up success for your goals for detoxing and concrete steps to prepare your pantry for the clean and simple eating week. The second week is eating and preparing meals from whole foods and avoiding main allergens/toxins like dairy, soy, sugar, coffee, eggs, yeast, gluten and most animal protein. This week will also indulge in destressing and detoxing strategies such as massage, gentle stretching, hot baths, saunas, and skin brushing. The final week will reintroduce eliminated food items such as gluten and monitor your bodies response to the food item. This week will also focus on what new habits you would like to maintain going forward and identifying the supports need for success.

The Personalized Program Package Includes:

1) "The Reset Cleanse Program" pdf,
2) Three individual one hour coaching sessions (one per week of the program). You decide when you want to start your Reset Cleanse and book your coaching sesssions.

Purchase this program now. You have an option of also receiving by mail a hard copy of the program for an additional fee of $50.00 (nearly 60 pages of gorgeous instructions, tips, recipes and workbook).
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