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Services for Individuals and Groups

Renewed Health Coaching provides a variety of services including 12-week programs, 2 - 3 week programs, workshops, support groups, case consultation, and individual/couple counselling and coaching. The initial health assessment is always free.

Payments accepted are email transfer, cash, cheque, PayPal, or Eventbrite.

Currently Services are offered through Zoom or through the phone.

**Indigenous People's Discount**
All indigenous people receive 50% discount on all services. Let Ms. Pritchard know you are Indigenous and your service fees will reflect this discount.

Pro-Bono Service
Ms. Pritchard offers pro-bono service to one client every 3 months. Please connect with Ms. Pritchard to inquire about pro-bono service.

12-Week Programs
12-week programs offer the best habit change, support, accountability, and health outcomes for people.
The following 12-week programs are offered by Ms. Pritchard:
* I Love my Heart Program
For individuals wanting to take back control of their health with Heart Disease.
* My Sweet Life Program
For individuals wanting to take back control of their health with Type II Diabetes.
* Thriving After Cancer Diagnosis Program
For individuals wanting tailored knowledge, integration and support for the living with cancer, the "new normal", remission and thriving.
* Dementia Prevention Program
For individuals wanting ultimate brain functioning.
* Weight Loss Program
For individuals wanting to lose weight effectively.
 * Total Mind, Body, & Spirit Transformation Program
For individuals wanting longevity, increased energy, focus, personal power, and joy.

12-Week Program Price $1500

Short Deep Dive Programs

Ready to kick start a great health habit?
Have a specific health concern that you would like to address?

These programs are two to three weeks in duration. They help you focus consistently on one area of health. Each day/week you will focus a new aspect of the specific health topic.

These programs are currently being developed.
Please check back to learn more about the health topics covered.

Prices Vary

Living Powerfully & Healthy Support Group
This is a 12-week group program for people intrested in building a community with other supportive people who are dedicated to living a transformed life through body, mind, emotion, and spirit growth.
This community if for you if you have begun a healing journey and are wanting to share and learn from other's healing journey; learn and try new healthy living techniques; laugh and create new ways of being.
 The amazing benefit about being in a community of like-minded people is the healing power of the collective. The healing power of community is well researched and is one of the top recommendations from health providers for recovering from illness or increased longevity.
Next group starts September, 2022

Program Price $240


Throughout the year Ms. Pritchard offers various workshops.
Sign-up to Renewed Health Coaching Newsletter to receive current information on workshops.

If you would like a health workshop for a group please contact Ms. Pritchard and discuss your interests and desired outcomes. Ms. Pritchard has many years of experience delivering creative, informative, and interactive workshops.

Prices Vary

If you would like consultation on your health and the goals you are wanting please contact Ms. Pritchard for a indepth health assessment and goal planning. Consultations are 1.5 hours and includes health document/history review and health recommendations.

Price $200

Individual/Couple Counselling and Coaching
Individual and couple counselling and coaching is offered for enhanced personal clarity, health and wellbeing, and goal achievement. Sessions include multimodality options including but not limited to Emotional Freedom Technique, Art in Healing, Music in Healing, Cognitive Behaviour Techniques, Biofeedback, Reiki, and Narrative Healing Techniques.

Price $150/hr.

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